Flapping Kiklet was built as an Arcade game to be played on Lythbound. Your score will fail to send when playing the game here. Please play at Lythbound.com for your score to count in our high score table!

Additionally, games on Lythbound will receive updates before games on Itch. Please be aware this may not be the most recent version!

✦ The Kiklet will lose altitude naturally over time. Click, tap, or use the keyboard spacebar (or W/up arrow) anywhere in the game screen to make the Kiklet fly up.

✦ Don't hit the dangerous red plants or their vines! Doing so will end the game. Leaving the screen by flying too high or low will also result in a game over.

✦ Pause the game by clicking or tapping the || icon in the top right or by pressing the 'P' key on your keyboard.

[ ]enters fullscreen mode (recommended for mobile). ][ leaves fullscreen mode.

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